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Low libido is also known as low sex drive. This problem is very common in men but also found in women. This is known as “Frigidity” in women. 10% women in the world are suffering from frigidity problem. A difficulty occurs in women during sex that create disappoints her partner is known as frigidity. Sex cause pain or discomfort to them.


How to treat frigidity?

How to cure frigidity naturally?

Herbal Fezinil is the best herbal capsule that will help women in frigidity problems. It’s the best natural and safe treatment to cure frigidity. Natural herbs are used in the formulation of this capsule that make it side effect free in comparison with other chemicals and products available in the market to cure frigidity.

Herbal Fezinil Capsule will provide all necessary nutrients to fight against emotional and physical causes of frigidity. It will boost your stamina power and also increase energy level. It will provide moisture to your sensible organ. Dry sensible organ leads to frigidity and our capsule will provide natural moisture and you will experience it after gaining fresh and healthy skin.

Herbal Fezinil is rich of nutrients that will reduce the stress level and will produce hormones that will make you passionate about sex. You will experience more sexual desire and will never disappoint your partner. This product will help in improving your relations with your partner. It will balance all kind of hormone misbalance inside your body. It will provide necessary nitric oxide to your sensible organ that creates sensation and desires. Herbal fezinil will improve your sex drives by improving your endurance and stamina. It will reduce your mood swings also.

The regular use of Herbal Fezinil will increase libido in women. It will create interest in women for sex. You will feel passionate for sex drives. It will increase your sexual response time. You will be able to satisfy your partner’s need. This capsule will also improve fertility. Daily use of herbal fezinil will balance the hormone system and it will boost reproductive fertility inside your body that is required for happy married life.

Symptoms of frigidity

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Dyspareunia
  • Fatigue
  • Stress

Causes of frigidity

There are three basic causes of frigidity. Emotional, physical and medical causes.

Emotional causes

Emotional causes of frigidity include past experience like incest or sexual assault. Lack of communication problems and emotional distance from the sexual partner, argument, unresolved issues can be a reason for emotional frigidity. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem are also responsible for frigidity.

Physical frigidity

Poor sexual performance, sexual disappointment from the partner before, vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse comes under physical frigidity. Improper sleep, insomnia, an improper nervous system can also cause frigidity. Hormonal misbalance can also be a reason.


Medication can also be responsible for frigidity. If the women is suffering from a disease and taking drugs for a cure, that medicine can also cause frigidity.


More consumption of alcohol affects the nervous system. The healthy Nervous system is required for healthy sexual life.

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