Vagina Tightening and Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment


Vagitot Cream is the best treatment for vaginal yeast infection. This problem is very common. In a study, it is found that every 2nd women in the world is suffering from vaginal yeast infection. It helps in the restoration of vaginal tissues and provides instant relief in vaginal dryness and painful sex. It acts as a moisturizer for the sensitive organ. Menopause is responsible for the change in vaginal organs and tissues. It’s the effect of menopause that leads to vaginal dryness, itching, and burning. This also affects sexual life. Women may feel great pain during intercourse. It can cause disappointment to your partner and unhappy married life. Vagitot provides elasticity to the damaged tissues and helps in the production of new tissues. You need to use this product till you do not get rid of vaginal yeast infection. This cream is the natural treatment for
vaginal tightening.

Vagitot cream provides instant relief in pain and discomfort. It provides necessary estrogen ( a kind of protein) to the vaginal tissues.

It works to cure vaginal yeast infection permanently. The quality of Vagitot Cream made it different from other products. You will get a temporary solution from any chemical product, but vagitot cream will hit on the root of that infection and provide a complete solution.

Vagitor Cream repairs the damaged tissues to provide the necessary elasticity and lubrication to this sensible organ.

Vagitot Cream helps women in regaining tighten the vagina. Men always prefer tight vagina for sexual pleasures. This natural and herbal cream provide the basic supplements to tighten your sensible organ again. It is affordable and easily to use.

This product is side effect free. The ingredients used for the formulation of this product are herbal based extracts. No chemical is involved during the formulation. This property makes this cream side effect free.



  • Provides instant relief in pain, discomfort itching, burning and painful sex.
  • Provides moisture to dry vagina.
  • Maintain pH level inside the body.
  • Helps in regaining vaginal tightness.
  • Vaginal tightness.
  • Affordable treatment to cure yeast vaginal infection.
  • It increases sexual pleasure.
  • Satisfy your partner.
  • Improve sex life.

Provides protection from microorganisms that causes infection in the sensitive organ.

How do these creams work?

Vagitot cream is an herbal cream that is made by pure herbal extracts. It will tighten and firm your vagina naturally. It will develop stiffness that will brick the previous shape again. It will provide necessary nutrients and supplements to this organ and increase secretion and contraction of vaginal channel. To overcome vaginal dryness, it contains estrogen that will increase the production of those tissues that provide lubrication to this organ.

It takes 20 seconds to initiate the work. You will see vaginal tightening after the 20 minutes of application.

Symptoms of vaginal infections

  • Itching in that area.
  • Burning
  • Large vaginal discharge
  • Painful sex.
  • Soreness
  • Rash

Causes of vaginal yeast infection

Medication effect :- If you are taking any kind of medication or drug to cure a disease then a side effect of that drug can cause vaginal yeast infection.

Pregnancy :- Yeast infection is common in pregnancy. Women with low resistive power often suffered from this problem.

Stress :- Stress can also lead to yeast infection in women. Stress can affect our resistive power badly. The body fails to fight against infection and fungus.

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